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Freya Tewelde is an interdisciplinary artist born in Asmara, Eritrea, raised in Saudi Arabia, and currently living and working in London, UK. A Chelsea College of Arts graduate with an MA in Fine Arts in 2018, Freya is also an Associate Lecturer at UAL.


Freya's work delves into lost heritages and rituals, examining human relationships and spatial navigation by integrating cultural, spiritual, and socio-economic systems with everyday ideological viewpoints. Her research is primarily influenced by psychology and neuroscience, focusing on the interconnectedness of mind, body, and culture in shaping mental health outcomes.


Freya's practice spans video performance, painting, sound, and mixed media. She often incorporates archival photographs and language to enrich her narrative. Through her art, she creates a dialogue that bridges the past and present, inviting viewers to explore the intricate layers of identity and experience. 

Please get in touch for more information about Freya Tewelde, to discuss possible collaborations, or for any media inquiries on

Selected Exhibitions

2024 upcoming shows 

Artist of the Day | Flowers Gallery  | Cork St London 4th of July 

Journey to the unknown|Bomb Factory Art Foundation | London 11 July to 28 July

Supernova | Flowers Gallery  | Cork St London  15 July to 31 August 


‘Re’ | Ed Cross | London

The Christmas Show | Bomb Factory Art Foundation | London


SHIM | Aqua Art Miami | Miami Art Week

Little Explosions | Bomb Factory Art Foundation | London


Kingsgate Autumn Open Studios | London
Silent film | Fringe Arts Festival | Bath
Sonic Showers | Theatre Deli | London
Film screening | The Bomb Factory Art Foundation | London
The Parable of the Seven | The Smallest Gallery in Soho | London (Solo Show) Emerging Artists Research and Development | The Bread & Roses Theatre | London    In Between | TOMA | South End on Sea
Little Voices | Kensington & Chelsea Art Week | Chelsea Telephone Exchange | London​


Margate (Festival) Now | Exhibiting in Crate Project Space and Pie Factory | Margate Reality and Disorder | Espacio Gallery | London
insurgency REVOLT¡ | Five Years Gallery | London
Apropos of Aesthetics | Art-steps                                                                                  

Digital Touch | Cons

cious-Isolation | Virtual Exhibition

Corona! Shut down? | New MediaFest | Cologne

After Greed Became Form | London
Visual Artist Trail | Sydenham Arts | London ART-ON-QUARANTINE |

Really//Real | Fringe Arts Festival | Bath
Show Anything Show | The Wall Space | Online

Femme-daemonium | The Old Baths | London
The Story of all Women | Tabernacle Art Gallery | London                                            

The Old Biscuit Factory | CFA | London


Jing Lu | The Great Islander | Taipei
Tamsui Customs Office | The Great Islander | Taipei                                              

Imperial College | Colour of Pain | London
Kingsgate Winter Open Studios | London
Chalton Gallery | Distress | London
The Room Contemporary Art Space | Rituals | Venice

Karen Tronel | Untitled | London
Open Studios | London
Live Project | London
Interim | Path 2 | London
Interim | Path | London

The Cookhouse | If you want it Fresh buy it Frozen | London Safe House | Big Fridge | London
The Cookhouse | Hot Diary | London



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